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Youth Cross Cultural Exchange Experiences
" When I went to Africa it was definitely a life changing experience and I would recommend everyone to go. The reason I went to Africa was because of a medical mission that I was blessed to be able to participate in. What I liked most about the trip was how we helped people and were so generous when doing it. I also liked when I could stay at our hotel and learn a language called ‘Twi’ and other languages from Africa. While I was there I had a chance to meet the king and queen and the queen stayed many times in my hotel and was very sweet. She was young and pretty too. Although I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the palace it was a very nice experience and I would like to do it again."   


"When everyone got in the hotel we had a team meeting and talked about what to do next and what was going to happen. After that happened, we all went to put our things in our room and we came back out to eat dinner. We had Jollof rice, chicken, and some kind of stew. We had dinner with a chief (he is like a king). He never really talked straight to us, he talked to his interpreter who talked to Bishop Awuah who talked to us. In Ghana they speak Twi which is their language. Overall it was really fun and I think we helped them a lot." 


"We had a woman’s empowerment for the woman in Accra. We talked about things that could keep their health well. They also talked about games their children could play when their parents are working. They also talked about how to prevent HIV and AIDS. A different day, the mission’s team had a woman’s empowerment in Cape Coast. One of the days we went to a slave castle from hundreds of years ago, but they still have it today! As we had the tour we saw the men and the woman’s dungeon, and the rest of the castle. Then we went where the slaves were brought to America in. After we left from the slave castles we went to Elmina Resort and Hotel to have dinner. We also went out by the ocean. While I was by the ocean I found coconuts the size of my head, it was AWESOME!!!!"


Cross cultural experiences help to create a greater sense of self worth and self esteem. Through workshops, seminars, and international field experiences, young adults and college students are provided with an opportunity to acquire first hand knowledge about other cultures. Below are comments from middle school students that have traveled to Ghana West Africa.