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"A job well done... "
We were invited to the home of “NaNa”, an Ashanti Chief. Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness! On arrival we were graciously greeted by his servants. All I could think about was Daniel, and the three Hebrew boys, Nehemiah, the King’s cupbearer, and Joseph. We were directed into the Great Room where his throne was seated, with other larger chairs on either side. He also had a foot stool! Before NaNa enters the room the drums begin playing to let you know, get ready. When he enters the room everybody stands, as he enters and he acknowledges your present. We remained standing until Sampson said so! Now the Chief does not speak to us. He speaks to Sampson and then Sampson tells us the Chief's words. I was about to bust! 
Pastor Juanita Compton
Below are a few comments from those who have served internationally.
"Created a deeper passion"
The short term mission trip to Ghana West Africa allowed me to help people that are less fortunate by working in the health clinic and teaching during the Women's Empowerment. I thank God I was able to serve and to be a blessing to the men and women in Ghana.
Sis Deborah Jinnah
"Raised my awareness" 
(IHS and IMD/PAW Collaborative Outreach)
The Missions trip to the Bahamas, raised my level of awareness particularly in the area of Medicine. I saw the dentist who had traveled with the group provide care for people who had not seen a dentist in years, and for children who had their first interaction with a Dentist. It gave me an appreciation of how blessed we are living in the United States and the access we have to the medical arena, which mostly we take for granted.
Suffragan Bishop Errol O'Savio
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